Basic steps to do international money transfers with ERemit

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  • 2 minutes read

As a migrant settled in Australia, you might be in search of the best money transfer service to transfer money online. Traditionally, overseas money transfer was considered a long and tiresome process conducted only through banks. Time has changed, and numerous money transfer agencies have boomed to help you transfer money in a few easy steps, that too at the best exchange rates ever available in the market.

ERemit is one of the best online money transfer services operating in Australia, and here are the essential steps one need to follow for transferring money with us:

  • Sign up for free: ERemit offers free sign-up for our new customers. One can sign-up in our online portal or mobile app for free. All you need to have is an email address and a valid Australian mobile number for signing up with us. Give the details, and you are in.
  • Verify your identity: After signing up, enter your personal details for identity verification. You will have to provide us with a copy of your passport or Australian drivers license. Verifying the identity of the customer is essential for fraud prevention and also to keep your money safe.
  • Choose an amount to send: The steps mentioned above are for the new customers. Existing customers can simply log in and start entering the amount you want to send or receive to get a quote. We will show you the exchange rates and our fees upfront.
  • Add recipient’s details: After entering the amount to be sent, fill in the personal and bank details of your recipient. Double-check the details before proceeding to avoid mistakes and complications.
  • Make your money transfer: Complete the payment to us with POLi, the online payment service in Australia, which ensures secure and instant payments.
  • That’s it: Once the money reaches our account, we will handle the rest right away. Your money will be on the way with no further delay. You can always track your transfer request online or in our app, anywhere at any time.

Easy and effortless, isn't it? With ERemit you can simply do an international money transfer in a few clicks or swipes. Don’t forget the fact that we offer many amazing offers, gifts and reward points to the customers on overseas money transfers. Sign-up and enjoy stress-free money transfers.