How to do an international money transfer during Covid-19?

  • ERemit
  • 2 minutes read

Coronavirus, first discovered in 2019 and becoming worldwide spread in early 2020, is still reigning in the world in 2021. It is quite an adversity that has befallen humanity, making all possible destructions causing dangers to the lives of people. With the spread of coronavirus across the globe, most countries have put restrictions on their national borders to reduce people from infecting this deadly virus. In this stage of people not able to cross the national borders, how is an international money transfer possible?

With a huge number of remittance options available like bank transfers, wire transfers, in-store agents, online money transfers etc., it is indeed a time where people must look out for their safety. Thus, people are pointing their fingers at online money transfers. Why? Here are the reasons why:

  • Online is contactless: When all other forms of offline money transfers require customers to go to their physical stores or banks and stand in long queues to fill out forms and do transactions, online banking is contactless. Thereby, reducing the spread of coronavirus.
  • Online is beyond border restrictions: Yes, people and money agents are severely affected by travel restrictions, thus, causing delays in money transfers. Online transactions remain uninterrupted and faster in this time of crisis.
  • Online is flexible: Online transactions are not dependent on time constraints, but physical stores are. It enables the customers to send money regardless of their place and time.

So, it is beyond doubt that online money transfer is the most preferable option for overseas money transfers. But beware of the online scams that may try to fool you while transferring money. Several reports have stated that people are being tricked with the sympathy for Covid-19 pandemic such as:

  • To make donations for some fake World Health Organization Covid-19 Response Fund.
  • To make a bitcoin payment or risk family members being infected with Covid-19.
  • To enter credit card details into phishing websites that are posing to offer information updates about covid-19, test centres, vaccination availability etc.
  • To shop online for face masks, hand sanitisers and other products which will never arrive at your doorstep.

Beware of these scams, remind yourselves that we must overcome this pandemic as soon as possible. ERemit takes pride in ourselves that we are the online money transfer in Australia that helps you stay connected with your loved ones even in these hours of crisis.