Christmas celebrations in Australia

  • ERemit
  • 2 minutes read

As we all know by the twinkling stars and well-decorated trees in the neighborhood, Christmas is around the corner. Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells all around the world and Australian Christmas cultures are not so different yet unique in its very sense. Australians have Christmas lights, trees, celebrations, and a red fur-coated Santa Claus, then how are Australian celebrations different?

To begin with, when the whole world celebrates Christmas in the middle of chilly winter, Australians celebrate Christmas in the summer season.

It is usually in the middle of the summer holidays. Interesting, right? A Christmas without snowy cold weather.

Even in the mid-summer, Australians celebrate Christmas with all its glory. Houses are decorated with Christmas lights, Christmas trees, Christmas bushes etc. The display lights at night are often admired by the neighbor’s and pedestrians for the glory and grandeur in which it sparkles.

The most important tradition in Australia is the Carols by the Candlelight. Almost all capital cities in different States have singing carols by the candlelight.

It is like an outdoor orchestra played by the professionals much enjoyed by the common public.

Carols on the Christmas Eve in Melbourne’s Sidney Myer Music Bowl is the grandest of all. The carols in different states are broadcasted in TV across Australia.

Christmas Pageant is yet another important Christmas tradition in South Australia with floats, bands and entertainers including the appearance of Santa Claus. Australians usually get together for a delicious Christmas lunch with roasted turkey or ham in a barbeque session.

Christmas Crackers are an integral part of merriment in Australia filled with miniature items like a rolled-up joke, fortune-teller cards or plastic toys.

When the entire world celebrates Christmas within layers of blankets, most Australians celebrate Christmas on the beach, signified by the beach dress and a red Santa hat. Christmas is also an occasion for exchanging gifts and presents to one another.

The migrants settled in Australia either celebrate Christmas along with their Australian native friends or within their family or fly back to their home countries.

Since Covid-19 brought lots of travel restrictions this year, migrants are all set to celebrate Christmas in Australia. But they never forget to do online money transfers to their loved ones in home countries. Money is indeed an all-time favourite gift that lightens the festive mood beyond measures.